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February 14, 2017
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February 21, 2017

Is your regional group active on Facebook?

Facebook is a great way to connect with other trail riders, share photos, discuss local issues and organise rides, so the number of regional groups who have embraced it great news for trail riding.

We’ve published a list of these groups on the main Trail homepage for your convenience, though each of them will have their own policy (and process) for granting admission to TRF members.

Get evolved:

If your regional group isn’t active on Facebook, then why not discuss creating a group at your next meeting?  We think the best model is to start with a closed group, then create a public page at a later date.

A group functions like an internet forum, in that anyone can post and comment within it.  Groups can be public, closed or secret, with ‘closed’ being the most popular choice as it enables people to find the group but not see what’s been posted within it unless they are admitted by the administrator.  This helps prevent bike theves from infiltrating the group and facilitates a more informal atmosphere.

Hertfordshire maintain one of the largest groups (which unusually, is also public).  It’s located here.

A page functions like a website, insomuch as its creator can publish things into the public domain which can then be shared around the web for further discussion.  Typically, pages are used to promote the good work undertaken by regional groups, publish ride reports and invite other trail riders to organised events.

Gloucestershire were one of the first groups to create a page, which can be found here.

Tell us about your group in the comments below:

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