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TRF Turn Forty-Eight
November 18, 2017
Riding with the Police
November 25, 2017

Being a director of the TRF is very different now to how it was a few years back, with there now being a much larger membership to serve and workload to fulfil.

The board of directors is currently full, with nine directors working on a voluntary basis.  However, we would like a reserve of stand-in directors in advance of the forthcoming AGM in March and encourage potential candidates to step forward in order that the membership have better choice and to ensure succession should a director wish to step down.

Prospective directors will benefit from professional training and mentoring from directors Carla Mckenzie and Stuart Metcalfe, who both freely volunteer their coaching expertise to the TRF.

If you would like to discuss the responsibility of being a TRF director then please email or call Mario on 07721 480000.

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