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March 6, 2019
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March 27, 2019

This summer the TRF are helping visitors to the ABR Festival get out and enjoy local green roads in trail riding groups. It's a great way to show off what the TRF is all about, make new friends and get involved in what promises to be a fantastic adventure bike weekend.

We are looking to recruit 40 TRF volunteers to help with ride leading, stand and event management. All volunteers will receive complimentary entry to the ABR Festival.

To find out more and register as a TRF volunteer please fill out this short form.

To register for the festival as a regular visitor (not volunteering) visit here.

For more information about volunteering at this event please contact

First things first… here’s wishing you an adventurous 2019 on two wheels. And speaking of two-wheeled adventures, we’ve just announced the new and exciting venue for the 2019 Adventure Bike Rider Festival, the magnificent Ragley Hall and Estate in Warwickshire.

Here’s the quick information Where: Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire. B49 5NJ When: 12 - 14 July 2019 More info: Below and on the ABR website

Here’s more detailed information

The move to Ragley Hall and Estate means we’ve a huge amount of space available to make the ABR Festival a unique experience and a celebration of all things to do with motorcycles, adventure and just having a great weekend with likeminded company.

There’ll be lots of exciting on-site attractions, extensive facilities and feel good events at the 2019 Festival and we’ve already started early negotiations to make sure the weather is as good as it was in 2018. Overnight options include camping, 'glamping' in pre-assembled tents and there are a huge number of hotels in nearby Stratford upon Avon.

To keep you entertained on-site we’ll be mapping out an adventure trail through the extensive estate grounds and woodlands, where you can find out what you and your bike are capable of – it’ll be big bike and novice friendly. For the more advanced riders there’ll be a more challenging on-site adventure park.

We’ve also spoken to every major motorcycle manufacturer and all have confirmed they will be attending the festival with a fleet of the latest bikes for test rides both on and off-site.

The move to Ragley Hall and Estate also means we’ve the space needed to make the festival the best experience we can. There’ll be a full bar, plenty of tasty food options, comfortable and extensive camping areas with room for campervans and trailers, plus there’ll be live music on the main stage for the Friday and Saturday nights.

There’ll be green lane ride outs led by the TRF taking on the local Warwickshire and Cotswolds trails and there’ll be road ride-outs to check out local attractions and places of interest.

We’ve also teamed up with Little London Enduro Circuit (4 miles from Ragley Hall) to offer exclusive and free access for all ABR Festival goers, which means you can ride your bike around this challenging enduro circuit in a non-competitive and non-threatening environment.

There’ll be lots more attractions and events than I’ve mentioned above and we’ll be posting up details throughout the year on the ABR website. Right now, you can find more information plus videos of the new Ragley Hall venue and of last years ABR Festival here.

All the ABR staff and I look forward to welcoming you to Ragley Hall in 2019.

Best Regards

Alun Davies

Founder and Publisher of Adventure Bike Rider.

The TRF Volunteer's view...

What's it like to volunteer at the ABR Festival? Oxford TRF's Cliff Osenton is the man to ask. Head of route planning for the rides and scattered navigation, here's Cliff's thoughts...

Route planning

The first aspect of route planning is to pitch the route to the group, in this case Adventure riders with mixed experience remembering I have never ridden with any of them before. Knowing the area helps a lot so I could pitch the trails to Adventure bikes & not Enduro, remembering the weather could change the grade of the route.

I tend to over plan with more trails than I need so I can mix & match as the day evolves. Checking & riding a route with a friend can often be done in a fraction of the time it takes to ride a route with a group, as there are always accumulated delays. Therefore the first rule is never to try to complete your max route, be prepared to drop sections if there is a rider finding it hard going but equally if the group are finding it all a bit easy have a few higher grade trails that can be fitted in, the best way of assessing a group is to ride at the back on a few trails.

Why I did it?

My reason for doing it was the enjoyment of riding with a new group, I have been leading groups on the Wessex Wanderer for a few years & other events. What I got out of it? Easy making new friends, I find riding with somebody works far better than simply clicking on a few unknown guys on facebook.

My view of the ABR rally?

It was well organized with plenty of TRF leaders with local knowledge to take groups out, organizing groups went well, although when some riders saw my son Iain on his 950 ride off a lot simply tagged onto him and had a brilliant time. On the Sunday after all the groups left, one rider arrived on a GS1200 after a short chat off we went and have a really good ride, we became friends & he joined the TRF & is now active in x3 groups.

Why TRF members should get involved in run leading?

Firstly you don’t need to be an Ace rider with a degree in map reading, I’m one of the slower older riders. I started helping out with the Wessex Wanderer watching other run leaders & leaning a few routes, followed by my son Iain a good rider but not so good with maps helping me out. Between us we soon evolved skills to take groups, often with a range of problems to solve that can’t be learnt from a formal course. To avoid the feeling of stress from getting lost etc use the old Army term ’ poor preparation =  poor performance’, you often find a few of your group will be very experienced and can work with you to form a team approach.

Overall leading runs should be a positive enjoyable experience, it both improves your own confidence and is the best method of making new friends and networking with like minded riders.

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