Coronavirus (Covid-19) Bulletin Board

TRF and The ABR Festival 2020
October 28, 2019

First and foremost we hope all our members and their families are keeping safe at what is an incredibly difficult time for the global community.

There is no precedent, best practice or instruction manual for us to deal with this event. Advice and information from government and other experts is evolving at such a pace it would be both wrong, and potentially conflicting, for any organisation including the TRF to provide definitive advice at any one time.

For this reason, the TRF has decided to create a Bulletin Board approach that acts as a timeline with the latest posts at the top. Here we can share ongoing advice, both from the TRF and also from other organisations where it feels members would benefit from their perspective.

Stay safe

30 March 2020 - TRF Update

Tune in

Without wishing to cause any further frustration whilst you are responsibly choosing not to ride, here are some links to a number of channels and sites to while away the hours.

Crosstraining Enduo

Megan Brapp

Dirtbike Chanel

Slavens Racing

Enduro Channel

Enduro 21

Redbull TV Hard Enduro Channel via their app and also on smart TV

Trail Fit

Most of us would like to have better fitness on the bike. Why not use the down time from trail riding to improve your fitness? We appreciate we can’t go to the gym or may not have specialist equipment laying around the house, but you can improvise!

Dust off that mountain bike and get a little fix of the rough stuff!

Some inspiration

Cardio Workouts for dirt riders

Strength Training for dirt riders

Getting in shape for riding

Physical Fitness for dirt riders

Get bike fit (Ignore the MX tittle!)

Jonny Walker hard enduro training

TRF - Symptom Checker & NHS Volunteers

In recent years the TRF has transformed our approach toward the community, from defending our entitlement to integrating with the community and demonstrating our value.

Trail Riders value the Emergency services more than most. The Air Ambulance regularly features at the top of our list of favoured charities and we are proud to work in support of the Police.

Here are someof the ways you could help

NHS Volunteer Responders

Covid 19 Symptom Tracker

If you know of anyone organising civil response schemes please send them this link to The TRF work with the Emergency Services to promote responsible trail riding which has the TRFs proposal for the use of Dual Purpose Motorcycles (Trail Motorcycles) in Disaster Response

MOT Extention

If you are concerned that your car or bikes existing MOT may be close to expiring, this recent announcement from the government means you need not worry.

Advice from Money Saving Expert

We realise that our members and their families are likely to be affected financially at this difficult time. Money-Saving expert has produced a set of tips 14 coronavirus money & travel need-to-knows.

24 March 2020 - TRF Statement

Whilst the TRF respects the right to individual liberty, we have a duty to fully support the latest government guidelines to not leave the house unless necessary.

Stay At Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives

You should only leave the house for one of four reasons:

Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible.

One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household.

Any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.

Travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home.

Should a member in any doubt please see the latest government guidelines

Supporting local communities

The TRF has always recognised the importance of supporting local communities and this is even more important at this difficult time. Groups could offer additional support to;

- Local Community Centres

- NHS Volunteer schemes

- Social care teams at local councils

- Local farming groups

- Support for community policing initiatives

If you have first aid qualifications you may be able to offer your support to any civil response units that are created locally.

Advice from other countryside user groups and motoring organisations

British Cycling

British Horse Society

Ramblers Association


18 March 2020 - TRF Statement

(this advice has been superseded - please read updated Stay at Home advice above)

The TRF respects that Group officers and members will make decisions based on local circumstances. The following offers general guidance.

- Follow government guidelines at all times

- Cancel / Postpone all social and riding events for the next 3 months or until government advice changes. It is suggested that no events be rescheduled at this time.

- Whilst it is recognised that there are risks involved in trail riding, and the last thing we should do is increase the burden on the NHS, the need for physical and mental health is more important than ever at this time. Therefore like other countryside user groups, members could continue trail riding whilst taking extra precautions

- Gentle trail riding only to reduce the risk of injury (Yes it is possible to fall at 5 MPH!).

- Reduce group sizes as small as practicable and maintain a separation distance of at least 2 metres.

- Don’t ride with anyone that has recently travelled from a higher-risk country.

- Don’t allow anyone from an “at-risk group” to join the ride. We recognise that this is tough on our older members, but we want you riding with us in the years to come.

- Take a packed lunch and do not use pubs, cafes or restaurants. We recognise that this is at odds with the TRF’s normal stance of supporting local businesses, but this supports government social distancing guidelines.

- Wear disposable gloves when refuelling.

- Stop for breaks away from built-up areas. Keep 2M apart from other riders when stopped.

- As is always the case the decision to ride is a personal choice but urge members to act for the greater good during this difficult period

(this advice has been superseded - please read updated 23rd March Stay at Home advice above)

If anyone has further ideas to add to this list please email .

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