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October 28, 2019
June 1, 2020

First and foremost, we hope all our members and their families are keeping safe at what is an incredibly difficult time for the global community.

Legislation, advice and information is evolving at a rapid pace. There is considerable scope for confusion and potential conflict in advice.

For this reason, the TRF decided to create a Bulletin Board where ongoing advice and information from the TRF and other organisations can be shared in the hope it helps support our members during this difficult time.

Please read the current Government Guidelines here.

Stay safe

Thursday 5th November

The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations (CoMOrg) has responded once more to changes to the Covid-19 restrictions.

The core detail of the guidelines remains unchanged for England.

Welsh restrictions are set to ease next week, but Northern Ireland and much of Scotland have travel restrictions affecting motorcyclists as well as drivers.

The Guidelines joint authors, Richard Gladman of IAM RoadSmart and Roger Bibbings of the Vintage Motorcycle Club, have chosen to leave the majority of the guidelines unchanged.

As the other administrations alter their restrictions it is important that recreational or group rides are conducted in accordance with local restrictions.

Richard Gladman, Head of Driving & Riding Standards & Product Development for IAM RoadSmart, said “The spirit of the restrictions is clear. The members of the Coalition are all agreed that now is not the time to be seeking loopholes or ways to bend the rules. We are all passionate about riding, but we all have a responsibility to help reduce the spread of this virus.”

Wednesday 29th July

Latest version of COVID-19 Riding Guidelines gains National Police Chiefs Council stamp of approval.

The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations has issued a revised version of its COVID-19 Riding Guidelines. This third iteration of the guidance based on the latest changes to Government guidelines includes advice on group riding and first responder incident management. The coalition are delighted that the guidance has now received an official seal of approval from Nick Adderley, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) lead for motorcycling.

The coalition has worked hard to distil Government coronavirus guidelines into a single guide relevant to motorcyclists. The guidelines have been updated to encompass recent changes in the constantly evolving advice designed to keep individuals and the wider community safe in these challenging times.

The new guidelines remind riders to plan carefully and to check Government websites including for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and any local lockdowns. They remind everyone not to ride if they are suffering symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact in the last 14 days with someone who has had symptoms or tested positive. Other points of emphasis include: checking out COVID-19 security arrangements at indoor venues (but ideally not to meet indoors); keeping riding groups to no more than six; and observing distancing, hand hygiene and mask requirements at all times.

Commenting on the guidelines and the work of the Coalition members, Nick Adderley said:

“I have been asked to review this guidance on behalf of the Coalition of Motorcycle Organisations in my capacity as NPCC lead for police motorcycling and motorcycle related crime. Policing the pandemic has been challenging and often confusing time for all including motorcyclists. We are keen to ensure the public can enjoy social activities and meet up within the parameters of the guidance set by Government.

I am reassured by the work that has gone into the production of these motorcycle specific guidelines. I would particularly like to commend the lead authors, Roger Bibbings of the VMCC and Richard Gladman of IAM RoadSmart for their tireless work on this project. I would encourage all riders, whether they are riding alone or in groups, to consult the guidance and to follow the rules at rest stops and whilst visiting public places. Please act and ride responsibly.”

The revised guidelines can be found online at (link to PDF doc). The member groups of the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations encourage their members and all other riders to read the guidelines and apply the advice to their own efforts to fight the spread of the virus.

The latest guidance can be found

Wednesday 10th June

The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations have today published their updated COVID 19 Riding Guidelines for motorcyclists.

Including clear advice on group riding now that lockdown restrictions are relaxing, the guidelines allow motorcyclists to maintain their mental well-being by riding their bikes whenever they can legally and safely, whilst complying at all times with Government guidelines.

The revised guidelines also carry advice for COVID-safe incident management courtesy of TRF Member, James Sanderson, the founder of Biker Down.

The Coalition continues to await engagement with Government officials, a source of great dissatisfaction amongst the members. Despite the reticence being displayed by the Government, the Coalition remains committed to interpreting rapidly changing legislation and guidance and translating it into clear motorcycling related advice that will benefit all riders in all situations.

Lead authors of the updated guidance were the Vintage Motorcycle Club’s Roger Bibbings and IAM RoadSmart Head of Riding Standards, Richard Gladman.

Richard said:

“As the COVID restrictions begin to relax it is important we remember how close we could be to further lockdown restrictions if the infection rate escalates. We as motorcyclists are duty-bound to help in any way we can, the relaxation has allowed us to gather in small groups as long as we adhere to social distancing rules. The guidance document we have prepared helps with best practice and is intended to help us court the right sort of publicity. Motorcycles are a safe viable form of socially distanced transport but also great support for mental wellbeing”

Roger added:

“Although the initial peak has now passed, COVID 19 remains a potentially deadly infection that can be passed on unknowingly to others. These guidelines are designed to help motorcyclists play their part in getting on top of the pandemic. They are relevant even to group rides that happen quite informally but which in practice still need to be led by someone. So ‘decide who is in charge’ and ‘stay COVID safe at all times’ are the two key messages for all motorcyclists who are riding together”.

The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations has also expanded its ranks. The member organisations are now the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF), the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), IAM RoadSmart, the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), the Triumph Owners’ Motorcycle Club (TOMCC) and Biker Down UK.

A full copy of the updated guidance can be found here

Thursday 4th June

A Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations (CoMOrg) have come together to consider how we take the major Motorcycling bodies out of lockdown. CoMOrg at present consists of VMCC, MAG, BMF, TRF and IAM Roadsmart.

The consensus is that in England, but not yet in any of the devolved nations (although in due course it is anticipated that the same standards will apply everywhere), group rides of up to six people are permitted by law. The view of these "responsible" organisations is that such rides should be officially permitted by the relevant organisation provided that appropriate Distancing and hygiene measures are observed.

It is accepted that some of the detail will differ between the various organisational contexts - for example, the requirements for a TRF trail ride-out will not be the same as an IAM Roadsmart observed ride, but that a core of advice will be overtly shared between the various bodies.

The main focus of this will not be on the riding, but the danger areas of start and finish points, and of fuel, refreshment and loo stops, where the consensus is that a higher degree of organisation and planning will be required than has previously been the case with small-scale group runs.

One sub-group has now gone away to update and extend the previously-issued guidance, and get it ready for publication, and another to prepare a press release. It is anticipated that both will be ready for issue early next week, at which point it is reasonable to assume that the respective Groups will formally approve the recommencement of runs that comply with the guidance. For the avoidance of doubt, however, it is felt that public perceptions would not look kindly on any larger Club event that sought to dodge around the guidance by claiming to be a series of smaller events each limited to six people - so that's a no.

However, navigational Scatter Rallies undertaken over a period of time and by people riding alone or in groups of up to six, appear to acceptable because they do not involve larger numbers of people congregating in one place.

A press release with the final advice will be made by CoMOrg early next week

Tuesday 2nd June

TRF's view of the current legal situation

Following our advice of 11th May when we outlined the guidance for lawful and responsible motorcycling in pairs in England, the TRF is providing advice on the regulations published Monday 1st June.

England has now published The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 as updated by today's (Monday 1st June) amendments. If you follow the link and select option to view "latest available" version, the current legislation is displayed.

The main change is to regulation 6. This originally required persons to remain at the place where they lived unless they had a reasonable excuse to leave.

Regulation 6 no longer requires persons to stay at home and now simply places a requirement for persons not to stay overnight in a place that is not their home, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

Regulation 7 is changed to allow for gatherings of up to 6 persons from different households in the outdoors.

The Coalition believes that riding responsibly in groups of up to six from different households whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines would not contravene the English requirements.


The Welsh requirements are considerably different and the TRF have produced specific advice for Wales based riders.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020 as amended on 1st June are available on

If you follow the link and select option to view "latest available" version, the current legislation is displayed.

Regulation 8 requires persons to remain in the area local to the place where they are living. The requirement does not apply to a person who is exercising, providing the exercise starts and finishes at the place where that person lives.

Regulation 8b prohibits gatherings of more than two persons.

Regulation 9 requires a Local Authority to close "public paths" during the emergency period. The definition of "public path" has been expanded to include many forms of roads used by motorcycles.

The regulations do not exclude motorcycle riding as a form of exercise. Those riding for exercise purposes should only do so alone or with persons from one other household.

Particular consideration should be given to the likelihood of byways being closed during the emergency period. Trail riding activity (however sensible and appropriate) may attract such closures.

The legislation is equitable in the sense that it equally affects all those that use the countryside for exercise - pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists, trail riders.

A practical effect of the legislation in Wales is that trail riders may choose to travel further to trail ride in England, to enjoy riding in groups of up to six whilst returning home in the evening.

Likewise, families and friends in Wales may choose to travel to England to meet with up to six persons from different households, returning home that day. The more restrictive legislation in Wales may have the unintended effect of increasing transmission, as people travel further to England.

Motorcycle riding for exercise purposes may only be compatible with the legislation where that exercise starts and finishes at the place where a person lives. This applies where the person has travelled to Wales from England. The entire journey must be a form of exercise, not just the journey in Wales.

Transporting a motorcycle by van from England to go for a ride in Wales, would likely be viewed as a contravention of the regulation 8.

Motorcycle riders should take care to avoid riding activity in Wales that could reasonably be regarded as contentious and likely to attract a byway closure under the coronavirus legislation.

Local riding groups based in Wales are a good source of advice as to whether a particular route/area/trail riding activity is likely to be regarded as contentious and/or invite the risk of closure.

Monday 1st June has now published The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 as updated by today's (Monday 1st June) amendments.

If you follow the link and select option to view "latest available" version, the current legislation is displayed.

The main change is to regulation 6. This originally required persons to remain at the place where they lived unless they had a reasonable excuse to leave.

Regulation 6 no longer requires persons to stay at home and now simply places a requirement for persons not to stay overnight in a place that is not their home, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

Regulation 7 is changed to allow for gatherings of up to 6 persons from different households in the outdoors.

The TRF believe that Trail Riding responsibly in groups of up to six from different households whilst maintaining social distancing would not contravene the English requirements.

The Welsh requirements are considerably different and we will be looking into the more complicated situation in Wales later this week with a view to producing specific advice for Wales based riders.

Thursday 14 May

The UK’s Leading Motorcycle Rider Groups Call on the Government to Recognise the role of Motorcycling During the COVID-19 crisis

The country’s four largest motorcycling organisations, Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), The Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) have today jointly submitted “Riding COVID safe” White Paper to Secretary of State, Grant Shapps and each of the three devolved administrations.

The coalition of organisations is calling for the Government to fully take the role of motorcycling into account as the UK continues to deal with the Covid19 crisis and afterwards. The coalition also sets out the case for a Government supported code of guidance for maintaining social distancing for motorcycling in the present situation.

The coalition of organisations consists of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF).

The white paper:

• Reviews ways in which the crisis is affecting motorcycle riding.

• Discusses the conditions under which motorcyclists can continue to ride safely by fully observing social distancing and other necessary public health measures in line with the Government’s restrictions in the current COVID 19 Alert Level phase of the crisis.

• Sets out the case for a simple, universal and Government-supported code of guidance for maintaining social distancing for riding in the present phase (see below).

• Sets the scene for review and discussion with the Government about how restrictions affecting motorcycling (rallies, biker meets, tourism, sport, etc.) can gradually be lifted as the Country enters future lockdown phases.

• Makes the case for encouraging the use of motorcycles as well as walking and cycling during the crisis exit strategy and beyond.

• Opens the discussion on policy proposals that could help encourage greater take-up of motorcycling by commuters, enabling individuals to avoid public transport in line with Government guidance.

The coalition are urgently seeking discussions with the Government to refine, develop and promulgate our draft proposals. Additionally, we ask the APPG for Motorcycling to support this white paper and our call to open formal stakeholder consultation between the relevant Government departments and advisory bodies, and ourselves as representatives of the 1.25 million motorcyclists in the UK.

In summary, the current advice is:

● As lockdown measures are eased, whether you ride for essential reasons or just for recreation, observe social distancing and good hygiene measures at all times to help halt transmission of the virus.

● Ride alone or with at most one other person, other than members of your own household.

● Stop well away from other people. Take food and drink etc with you.

● Be COVID-safe at fuel stops.

● Do not gather in crowds.

● Know what COVID safety kit you are going to take with you and use it sensibly.

● Plan your route so you can always return home safely the same day.

● Know how you are going to deal safely with any emergencies.

● Do not ride at all if you or members of your household have symptoms and need to self-isolate.

● Think carefully about the risks if you are over 70 or have a pre-existing condition.

● Don't damage the image of motorcycling in the lockdown by riding irresponsibly.

● Be aware that at present the guidelines for leaving the house for other than essential reasons may be different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

VMCC Chair Bob Clark said: “The VMCC is the UK's largest motorcycle club, although the average age of our membership is nearly seventy. Our members are thus perhaps more concerned with adherence to the guidelines than may be the case with other segments of the population. However, for us motorcycling is more than transport, and is often the physical and mental exercise essential for our members' wellbeing. The VMCC seeks confirmation that those of our members who are fit and healthy can both remain within the law and enjoy the motorcycling that is their chosen form of exercise.”

BMF Chair, Jim Freeman commented, “The time has come for the motorcycle to shine as a serious urban alternative to public transport, cycling and walking. For many, the typical public transport journey is too far to be walked or cycled. The car takes up far too much road and parking space.”

MAG Chair Selina Lavender said: “A new transport normal can only be achieved by consensus of all road user groups. We look forward to consulting with the Government to ensure that motorcycles are given their rightful position in that new normal.”

TRF Chair, Mario Costa-Sa commented: “The TRF Code of Conduct provides a key role in training trail and adventure riders and compliance with COVID guidance is no exception. Trail Riders want clarity; they look to us as leaders of the largest motorcycle groups to interpret and communicate the Government's public message."

You can download the white paper here.

TRF Statement Monday 11 May

Government’s lockdown exit plan and motorcycling

In the past week we have worked with the leaders of the UK’s principal motorcycle organisations to ensure that the needs of over one million motorcyclists are considered during lockdown exit plans.

Sports scientists in the UK have played a lead role in demonstrating the value leisure motorcycling has as a form of exercise beneficial to both physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Accordingly, motorcycling is recognised as a sport by Sport England and the Sports Council.

Maintaining restrictions on motorcycling without good reason will unduly affect millions of people over the next few weeks, including both the well-being of riders and the £7.8bn* UK motorcycle economy currently at a standstill.

When safe to do so, we seek the same explicit freedom to enjoy travel for leisure and exercise purposes as walkers, cyclists and car drivers providing social distancing measures are met. We understand motorcycling to be an inherently socially distanced activity.

Motorcycling’s role in lockdown exit was be discussed during a video call between principal organisations today.

This afternoon the Prime Minister published a "Plan to rebuild" for the next stage in combating the virus before engaging in a one-hour discussion with MPs.

We will publish a further bulletin once specific guidance has been obtained from the Government’s document and look forward to making a joint response with the UK’s principal motorcycling organisations as lockdown measures are eased.

We fully support ongoing action to prevent transmission of the virus.

Sport England - Helping National Bodies

Sport England - Recognised Sports

MCIA- Public Policy

Government Recovery Strategy

Supersedes TRF advice from March

TRF Advice

Whilst the TRF respects the right to individual liberty, we have a duty to fully support the latest government guidelines to not leave the house unless necessary.

Stay At Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives

You should only leave the house for one of four reasons:

Shopping for basic necessities, for example, food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible.

One form of exercise a day, for example, a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household.

Any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.

Travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home.

Should a member in any doubt please see the latest government guidelines

Tune in

Without wishing to cause any further frustration whilst you are responsibly choosing not to ride, here are some links to a number of channels and sites to while away the hours.

Crosstraining Enduro

Megan Brapp

Dirtbike Channel

Slavens Racing

Enduro Channel

Enduro 21

Redbull TV Hard Enduro Channel via their app and also on smart TV

Trail Fit

Most of us would like to have better fitness on the bike. Why not use the downtime from trail riding to improve your fitness? We appreciate we can’t go to the gym or may not have specialist equipment laying around the house, but you can improvise! Dust off that mountain bike and get a little fix of the rough stuff!

Some inspiration

Cardio Workouts for dirt riders

Strength Training for dirt riders

Getting in shape for riding

Physical Fitness for dirt riders

Get bike fit (Ignore the MX title!)

Jonny Walker hard enduro training

Symptom Checker & NHS Volunteers

In recent years the TRF has transformed our approach toward the community, from defending our entitlement to working with authorities, other user groups and local communities demonstrate our value.

Here are some of the ways you could help

NHS Volunteer Responders

Covid 19 Symptom Tracker

If you know of anyone organising civil response schemes please send them this linkThe TRF work with the Emergency Services to promote responsible trail riding which has the TRFs proposal for the use of Dual Purpose Motorcycles (Trail Motorcycles) in Disaster Response.

MoT Extension

If you are concerned that your car or bikes existing MoT may be close to expiring, this recent announcement from the government means you need not worry.

Advice from MoneySavingExpert

We realise that our members and their families are likely to be affected financially at this difficult time. MoneySavingExpert has produced a set of tips 14 coronavirus money & travel need-to-knows.

Supporting local communities

The TRF has always recognised the importance of supporting local communities and this is even more important at this difficult time. Groups could offer additional support to;

- Local Community Centres

- NHS Volunteer schemes

- Social care teams at local councils

- Local farming groups

- Support for community policing initiatives

If you have first aid qualifications, you may be able to offer your support to any civil response units that are created locally.

Advice from other countryside user groups and motoring organisations


British Horse Society

Ramblers Association


Please note the ACU are posting advice via different articles and the above advice may have been superseded so please check the news section of their

website for the latest advice


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