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June 1, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement - Sunday 10th January 2021

TRF hopes that all members, trail riders and their families are keeping safe at what is an incredibly difficult time for us all. Covid-19 restrictions, Government advice and information is evolving at such a pace that it is challenging for organisations such as TRF, to recommend to members and all trail riders, definitive advice, or interpretations.

TRF asks that all trail riders familiarise themselves with the legislation

and have regard to the Regional Government’s guidance in England and Wales

TRF would like to remind members that the decision to ride, or not, and any responsibilities and consequences of those decisions, lies with the individual.

TRF is keen to help members better understand the details of these guidelines and the law, as well as formulate their own responsible decisions and understand what the consequences could be. The TRF is pleased to highlight a blog post by White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors that discusses this in more detail.

TRF recognises the variety of views on the matter in the trail riding community and asks that all riders respect the views of other riders, and members of society. TRF hopes that our members will be considerate of our Fellowship and be thoughtful towards others who may have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

The national and local restrictions since early 2020 have been a challenge to us all. TRF would like to take this opportunity to thank all trail riders for playing their part during this Covid-19 pandemic. In particular we are very proud of those trail riders who have supported their communities in delivering medicines and supporting those “self-isolating”.

TRF remains committed to the conservation of Green Roads and promoting the interests of Trail Riding.

TRF Board of Directors


  1. Please note that this board acts as a timeline with the latest posts at the top. Any post that has “TRF Statement” supersedes posts with an earlier date.

  2. Please note that in the section Advice from other countryside user groups and motoring organisations

    British Cycling is actually Cycling UK

  3. Hi.
    I keep seeing posts from Police Facebook pages in England that say that it is legal to ride off road bikes, as it is classed as exercise. As long as you are and the bike are legal, insured, licensed etc.
    Can anyone clarify if you can ride legal lanes in Wales as it seems it’s classified as exercise. Regards, Steve.
    Husky Steve

  4. Dick Brew says:

    Hi, Would it be possible for the COVID Guidance to be updated? Thanx

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