Beginners Viewranger Routes

Just joined the TRF? Looking for some beginner friendly routes? We've got you covered...

Any TRF member will tell you that the best way to get started trail riding is to connect with your local club who will help you get out riding in your local area. You can't beat the friendly support and guidance that comes from going riding with like minded people, everyone was a beginner once!
When you are ready to start venturing out under your own steam we've got a selection of GPX routes that have been specifically put together with both new riders and route sustainability in mind. You can find them on Viewranger, a super handy app that you can download to your phone and use to navigate GPX files.
This ongoing project will eventually see beginners routes that cover the whole of England and Wales. If you can't find anything in your local area yet please bear with us, we're going as fast as we can!

For more information or to submit a beginners route please contact us at