• Adrian Dante posted an update 1 year ago

    Advice please. I have a Husquvana WR300 (2009) which is fully road legal, plates, indicators, lights etc.
    However, I have to pre-mix the fuel and the amount of times I have pushed the bike home (run out) is incredible. On the TRF events, are there any ‘support vehicles’? i.e. Anyone who could carry spare cans of fuel/tools etc? That is the only thing that stops me doing some of these events.

    • Have you considered a Rotopac system fuel can
      or one of the Acerbis handlebar tanks

      May just give you a bit more range.

    • There are things called fuel stations. Most just use these to refuel at.

      • You cant do pre-mix at a fuel station mr sarky. One needs to mix fuel and 2 stroke oil in the correct ratio before putting it into the tank. Hence my dilemma……..

    • Well 30 years of riding premix 2 strokes says different.

      You pull into the garage. Put 100ml oil in the tank and top up with 5l fuel. Not rocket science. Mans been doing it since the invention of the motorcycle.

      It helps if you mark your tank where 2.5l, 5 and 7.5l is so you know how much fuel it will take. Other than that you fill it to about 30mm below the neck and calculate what oil to add. Various apps Out there if you struggle to do the calculation.
      But at 50:1 it’s 100ml to 5 litres, 50ml to 2.5l or 150ml to 7.5 litres of petrol. Just buy a couple of 100ml premix shot bottles.