• Dave Carling posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    Hello all, how do you like the new site?

    • Trail Riding Talk is the talking shop, the old style forum is no longer available.

      • It might be helpful to email all the members or it will be like tumbleweed on here.
        Some explanation of having to re-register and how it will work would be useful.
        Is it running in parallel with Facebook or instead of?
        Is it open to non-members?

        • We needed a soft start, that’s why we did not e-mail all the members.

          • 😕 so is there a preferred list then? I would have thought those who supported the forum all those years would have priority but obviously it’s a bit selective. I am concerned that posts will be lost rapidly and it will be of little use in it’s current form.

    • So are there going to be individual headings, such as For Sale, so you can search what you are looking for and keep track of a thread?
      Or is it just a constantly topped-up stream of unconnected comment, like FB?

      • Constant stream like FB.

        • Oh dear…I was going to make an interesting point here, but it will just get lost.
          Off to the ABR Forum for me, and goodbye to everyone who sticks with this.
          My honest opinion…what a waste of effort. Well you did ask.

      • Oh, that is a disappointment.
        The whole idea (in my opinion) of a forum, is that you can have a conversation and refer back to see how it develops. You can’t do that with a constant stream – it just gets buried.

        • Perhaps that’s the idea. Some structure is needed here if members are going to actually communicate. Frankly if I had seen this last week I wouldn’t have renewed my membership. Hopefully it will improve as a communication tool.

    • If the goal is to replicate the face book style then why not just use facebook? its perfect for posting pics and some light chat. The TRF needs a forum for proper discussion and information sharing.