• David McCartney posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi ,
    I have just bought a Kawasaki klx 250 in order to get some off road practice in as I am going on an organised off road trip to Nepal later this year. I am looking to buy a skid plate along with a luggage rack, and possibly add an after market exhaust. Also the bike is currently fitted with a 80/20 road/ off-road tyres. I will be using the bike mainly off road to get some practice in. Can anyone suggest a suitable set of tyres? I was thinking of a 20/80 or 30/70 mix for a more off road based set of tyres.
    I am a total newcomer to off reading having only done 2 sessions!
    Any advice on local trails near Shrewsbury would be most appreciated!

    • Hello Dave can’t go wrong with a maxxis IT work we everywhere and hard wearing

    • I had a KLX for 6 years – fitted a Scorpion bash-plate, import from Canada. Not the cheapest but gave good all-round protection – when riding through rocky stuff the crashes and bangs from below suggest its doing its job.
      Used Pirelli MT43 trials tyres quite successfully in the (rocky) Peak district ~ low impact on the ground generally, but suggest you chat with your local group as each area tends to have a differing mix of surfaces and local knowledge of what works is best.
      There are a couple of forums with lots of tech advice for bike mods for the klx ~ quick google search. If you have a FI bike search clutch switch mod – its a 50p job that will remove the rev limiter in high gears at higher revs ( try an overtake on the road without – youll see why its worth doing).
      Finally, over good mod is to reduce the front sprocket by one tooth – lowers the gearing a bit and makes low speed trickling much easier ~ avoids being stuck between jerky first gear and slightly too high second gear.