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    I don’t recall a recall. Had mine from new in 2008 and only sold it in 2016. Unless it was done without me knowing at a service. Assume you mean an SM but presumably the same kit on an SE or ADV.

    • It was the non-ABS 950 Adv. Mine was a 2004…and I think the recall applied to at leas M.Y. 2005.

      The original brake was prone to fade…I would reckon due in part at least to the huge heat generated by the big, enclosed engine and the exhaust catalysers.

      • Ah! I doubt I took more than 0.1mm off my rear brake pads. The rear never assisted with slowing down but the twin discs on the front would almost throw you over the bars – incredible brakes. Really noticing (or not, rather,) the single disc on the Triumph.
        This ‘assembly’ lark is getting silly nowadays. Can you get any from a breakers or is…[Read more]

        • I couldn’t find any used units on-line. I’d stick something over the porthole with epoxy, but there’s an MoT coming up and I suspect the tester might not be too impressed.

          When the replacement arrives, I’m gluing a washer over it as a precaution.

          It’s just so dangerous…KTM has a racing budget of €millions, but clearly now could no longer c…[Read more]

          • It certainly doesn’t seem what it was. Really sad to read. They have always seemed aloof and remote from their customers but do make great bikes. I think everywhere suffers from a cost cutting drive nowadays.
            When I had my Yam WR parts were hard to get and way more expensive than anything I’ve had to buy for my various KTMs but it’s crazy thing…[Read more]

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    Welcome. It’s good to read of a positive response. Good luck with the search and have trail riding fun.

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    I’d find another route. Dual carriageways are bad enough an Enduro style bike, the M1 would be horrific, whatever the cc, or any bike for that matter.

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    Hi and welcome.
    Whereabouts are you? Your best bet is to locate you nearest group meeting and call in. I think you would have nominated a group when you signed up.

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    Just noticed it myself but I was reasonably heartened by the official response.

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    I understood we wouldn’t need to repeat our log in anymore but mine is only lasting a couple of weeks or so.
    Or does an Apple update wipe it? Only happens here though.
    Anyone else having to do this or is it a subtle suggestion to get lost 😀😀

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    I was about to ask the same thing.
    It will be interesting to know how many did attend the actual General Meeting.

  • I’m loving my 2015 Husky equivalent. A nice, relatively light torquey plodder that will zip along the inevitable road sections with ease. It was Tony Lacey who suggested it and I am grateful for his intervention.

    KevInYorks on the KTM forum does an inexpensive plug and play hidden switch that cuts the ignition for those garage and cafe m…[Read more]

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    I have replied on face ache Mario. Having to post things twice is clear proof of the lack of cohesion. Trail is good but is essentially PR.

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