• David Scott posted an update 3 years ago

    Who is Douglas Cartwright?
    We are being asked to vote for him as a director but I can’t find any nomination or background information. Have I missed something?
    I presume he is an extra director, not a replacement?

    • I understand that he was the chair and is now the vice chair of the Teesside and North Yorkshire group. I am sure that he will give everyone a presentation of who he is and what he stands for before the vote at the AGM. If you cant wait, this is his email so that you can contact him direct.

    • Good Question! This should be going out shortly! Any questions please email

      My name is Doug Cartwright and I would like to introduce myself as I am standing to become a TRF director at the AGM and would very much appreciate your vote.
      I bought my first trail bike as a student in 1978 but did not start trail riding until 2004. It was then that I discovered the wonderful world of Rights of Road and joined the TRF like most members to find out where to ride legally. I then discovered the delights of our historical road network and it was not long before I was well and truly pulled in to furthering our cause to conserve Green Roads.
      Since that time, I have met many TRF members and made some lifelong friends. My navigation and riding skills have improved dramatically to just OK! I have served as Chair of the Teesside and North Yorkshire group where I’m currently the Vice Chair. My interest in all things Rights of Road found me also volunteering as a motorcycle user on the North Yorkshire Local Access Forum where I am currently Vice Chair.
      In between I have also chaired a National TRF conference and have been very active in stakeholder negotiations and repairs to Deadman’s Hill…a key road connecting the North and South unsealed road network of Yorkshire.
      My background is engineering, specialising in engine design although latterly I have worked in the challenging work of international vehicle emissions legislation for a large US based company.
      By standing as director of the TRF I will focus on connecting issues that are key to the Northern groups to ensure that they are represented and make best use of the TRFs very successful organisation and skill base.
      The TRF has a great future and I hope that I can count on your support and attendance at the AGM.
      Please contact me should you have any questions.

      • Thanks Doug and hope it all goes well for you. I’m a bit worried about the diesel bit though…will we have to buy up all the deadly engines for our bikes 😀