• David Scott posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    If I search my name, it only comes up with my last post. Should it not show all posts so we can find older stuff?

    Is there a ‘My Posts’ function?

    • If you search as you suggest then click on your green name all your posts come up. Be nice if there was the word search against the magnifying glass for new users. Took me a while to notice the magnifying glass in the top right!

      • Thanks Kelvin. I got all buttoned out.
        Good comment re the search icon. I nearly asked for one in a post as I hadn’t seen it either.

    • Hi David. The ‘Save’ button works in a similar way, enabling you to return to posts that interest you.

      • I saw two saved buttons sometimes but no explanation. Waaay too complicated and unnecessarily so IMHO. Scrolling down the topic titles was much easier.

        We are already at the bottom of Page 1 so how quickly will things disappear when 50 people start using it, let alone 500 or all 5000.