• Gary Baker posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Can someone from the national trf please let me know what, if anything, they are doing to keep Ramsden road near Holmfirth open. This is a key lane in the area that links many lanes together, if it is lost it will kill of trail riding in this part of the world. It appears that a retired council rights of way man has took if up on himself to set up a one-man crusade against us and if he succeeds in closing this lane it will move on until he closes them all. I understand that glass have joined in the fight along with my friends at WYLR and our local try have had some input but nothing from the national group. I called at the trf stand at the bike show hoping this week hoping to speak to someone who could help but was only told to write to John Vannuffel and take it up with him. Rsther than a closed letter to John, I would prefer to ask the question on an open forum so that we all can hear the outcome. Many thanks

    • If you want an answer you had best contact John or one of the other directors direct by email. They have long said they will not answer ROW issues in an open forum. Whenever I have contacted them they have answered promptly. I may not have always liked the answer but could accept the logic.