• Gary Redman posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have Been a member of the TRF for about a year now but work commitments have stopped me getting out to ride. I am now in a position to get out and I am in the process of buying a suitable bike. But before I do I am after some advice from the members. I am thinking of buying a Honda CRF405rx with the road kit fitted to make it road legal. The main problem is I do not have a means of transporting the bike too and from the venus and will need to ride it on the road. This could be up to 40 miles either way and was concerned that this would cause damage to a machine primarily designed for off road use. Do any of members use their bikes the same way and have they run into any problems. Any advice appreciated.

    • It’s less of a faff to buy a bike that fully road legal and homolgated out of the box. This also gives peace of mind that the bike meets stringent EU standards re noise and emissions – an important consideration for those wishing to minimise impact.
      An homologated enduro bike is designed to cope with extensive tarmac liaison sections between stages – tarmac work will not break the bike.
      If you haven’t got bike transport, consider getting a dedicated trail bike that can comfortably deal with motorway journeys – KTM 690/Husky 701, Honda CRF 250L, Kawasaki KLX 250. These bikes will make the tarmac a breeze and add a bit of challenge to the trails.

    • Gary I think you mean the new CRF450L

      Although they are well capable of doing 80 miles a day, maintenance would be higher than a more road orientated equivalent such as teh (unrelated) CRF250L.

      I believe the CRF250L will be much more comfortable and possibly even cruise better than the CRF450L which is based on the CRF450x motox bike.

      Is there a reason why you are going for this particular bike?

      Happy to chat through it by phone or pop to a local group meeting and discuss

      Mario 07721 480000