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    Hi Paul,

    i’m from Gloucester TRF and most of our rides are posted on our facebook closed group, look us up and request to join, it might be worth messaging James (admin) as well if you have not signed up the be in Gloucester group as 1 of your 3 so he knows who you are. There is ride this Sunday and others before xmas i expect.

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    Welcome Megan, I believe you are from the Gloucestershire area, get yourself on the Gloucester TRF facebook group (its a closed group, so you will have to request to join) and then you will see the rides we do locally and come and join us. We meet 1st Wednesday of each month at the Wagon Works, Tuffley Avenue.


    • Thanks for the welcome. I’ve submitted a request to join but still waiting a reply from their admin.

      My membership pack came today, so happily reading that whilst waiting for the fb group approval.

      I’ve already got the date in my calendar, hopefully will see you there


      • Great to see another Suzuki joining our Gloucestershire group. 👍

        • Yeah, had my first proper ride on her last weekend and loving it. So much fun and confidence inspiring compared to the Tiger. Went from the back where I was usually on the Tiger to the middle of the pack (not that it’s a race or anything. But just flying over whoops rather than slowing following them down and up), just shows how good these bikes…[Read more]

          • Great bikes which need minimal maintenance and still remain reliable, the DRZ will only go up in value as they get older. Bit like my 350.

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    Thanks for the link Colin, I think we are sorted now.

  • A small group of us from Glostrf are heading down to Devon weekend 17th& 18th March. were staying near Harbertonford. Are there any locals who would be free to guide us on the Saturday? might even be a free lunch in it for you!

    thanks in advance

  • Great to here, i was thinking of fitting one on my 2nd older exc so that i had a lowered bike and standard so that i might be able to learn some new riding skills for tackling the Wye valley!! without getting a road legal trial bike as i’m short in the leg.

  • I’d love to know how you get with the lowering kit, i saw these a few years ago but haven’t got around to buying one.


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    kind of…..we have been told that there will be an update to this site at some time in the future but quite what it will entail we do not yet know.

    there is also a facebook TRF trial group that allows members to get in touch with each other.