• Kelvin Varney posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    On the 18th Dec Admin posted in the ‘old’ forum ‘On the 18th December 2017 this Forum was archived and the TRF launched
    Trail, the home of Trail Riding in the UK. This new digital tool contains a
    new forum where TRF members can chat and share information, as well as a
    host of helpful features. To get involved in the conversation please visit:

    Yet if you go to the link above the old ‘forum’ is still there and people are still posting and communicating on it. I’m confused is it still live? If there is an intention to prevent future posts to it when is that planned to be? I must admit I hardly ever went to the link above I just logged straight in to the to the ‘old’ forum page.

    • The old forum was locked but users will be able to view topics with their log-in details for a month. However the groups section is configured slightly different and remained open for posting but this will also be archived when all log ins will be disabled.