• Kevin Davey posted an update 2 years ago

    After repeated attempts to join the Cornwall TRF the last couple weeks I am no further forward. The ‘I am not a robot’ part is not working correctly, click on the photos and it keeps defaulting multiple times. I have sent several emails to the TRF contact address and still no reply. Reading some of the past Cornwall TRF forum posts I read that they are asking lurkers to get involved. I wonder how many prospective members like myself are inactive simply because we are unable to make online contact? I joined TRF to be an active member of my local group and so far, my subscription to TRF has not provided me the value I was looking for. Come on Cornwall TRF, please resolve the issues with your website and respond to my emails.

    • Not sure who you have tried emailing. A phone call may give better results or direct you to who you need to speak to.

      If the captcha keeps refreshing, then you’re not clicking on all the correct pictures.

    • Hi Andrew
      Thanks for your reply. I visited the CTRF website and copy/pasted this email that was shown Having used captcha hundreds of times before on other internet sites and never had any issues I can only assume at this time that there is a glitch somewhere or if my eye sight is that bad then I should not be riding lol. I have found a contact number to a member so will give a call. If the CTRF forum activity is anything to go by then it would appear that either there is a complete lack of interest OR every one is out riding and do not have the time to post. Hope its the latter. Thanks.