• kevin turner posted an update 10 months ago

    hi mate not having any look from any members on here either was told to join its the best thing to do what a joke waist of money mite ask for refund

    • Witch type of bike have you? you need to go in your local group , for you it’s maybe Derby it’s 8pm at the Clock Warehouse – London Rd. Shardlow, in the meeting room upstairs every 2nd wednesday of the month .

    • Hi Kevin

      The TRF is organised around local groups.
      Simply click the find your local groups tab on the dark green column on the left and you will find your local rides with the the local group.

      Hope this is helpful.

    • Kevin and Miguel. Your local groups don’t seem to be very active online. I can show members around the Peaks, so long as they can put up with my gentle pace. I have a few things on at the moment, plus another member to take around first. If you still need help in a couple of weeks ask again. Mid week suits me better than weekends if possible. Cheers.