• Miles Johnson posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Is there any one out there from the Pwllheli who rides. Trying to find routes closer than Llangollen or Barmouth.

    • You can find your local groups here who will help you. here

      There are many great people and riding in your area

      You may wish to join our Facebook groups (local and national) where most “chat” happens

      There is a local group facebook drop down list on the left hand dark green toolbar.

      Hope this is helpful

      • Hi Miles, if you put North Wales as your group then you will shortly receive a welcome letter. If this is delayed there is a good reason for it so contact me direct if you need help. Group rides are posted in the monthly meeting, facebook, forum , word of mouth, text and I am sure many other ways I have not heard of. Rides do start some distance from you due to a higher concentration of lanes in those areas. Most people are still travelling 1 hours plus to start points so you are not alone. When a couple of lads used to travel from your area to rides, the passenger used to measure the distance in cans of Carlsburg he could drink on the way home. We’ve sadly lost him to the lycra wearing masses