• Richard Simpson posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    I reproduce the following link without comment, other than to urge people to think about who they share their personal data with, and what might be done with it

    • Maybe the directors could advise on the security of our information within Facebook, bearing in mind we are forced to use the system to communicate with other members.
      Maybe a controlled forum isn’t such a bad idea after all.
      I’d rather not use Facebook ever again but feel I have no choice if I want to be part of both the National and Group TRF.

      • Although I had no idea as to just how bad Facebook is (and I think worse is to come out), I did have an inkling that there was “something rotten in the state of Denmark” and hence have never used it.

        My partner is an occasional user…and she became upset a while ago because Facebook sent her a prompt to wish one of her friends a happy birthday. Said friend died three years ago…it’s a machine pretending to be a human and is the invention of a man who had no friends at the time he invented it.
        The impact that it is having on the mental health of a whole generation is no well enough documented for everyone to be aware of what a corrosive thing it is.
        It’s a bit like tobacco: harmful and habit-forming. I’m so glad I don’t have any children to bring up in a world where they are targeted by it.

      • I am sorry you feel this way David, and judging by the robust counter-responses to the similar post you have made on FB it is clear most members would not this as a TRF issue.

        May I confirm that we support member communications by:

        Trail magazine
        Letters to the editor
        Trail website
        Email – Scheduled Service
        National TRF website
        Phone to key volunteers
        Whatsapp (at group level)
        Letter Post

        as well as Facebook

        Basically, if member demand is there, and it is in the interests of the TRF and our Aims & Objectives for responsible Trail riding, we will support it.

        Should you have concerns over FB – feel free to use one of the many alternatives.

        In conclusion, I believe that any reasonable person would conclude that the TRF is not “forcing” members to do anything and on the contrary are actually supporting their members with their preferred choices of communications.

        • You have just summed up the fragmentation succinctly Mario. Too many options just breaks everything up. At least the forum was a TRF controlled option (relatively) easily accessed by everyone.
          Essentially forced is correct as the only other option is the other Trail, which is no different to Facebook so hopefully the updates will address the concerns of potential users.

          • David – We appear to have had this discussion before.

            You may term it “fragmentation” , I would suggest it is “unified communications” where the message is consistent regardless of how it is delivered.

            Forcing members to use the forum would be equally wrong.

            Happy to discuss by phone sometime, meanwhile moving forward may I ask you to consider the article in the forthcoming Trail magazine on how members will be consulted on the methods of communication within the TRF and engaged in decision making in the TRF in future.

            • I have replied on face ache Mario. Having to post things twice is clear proof of the lack of cohesion. Trail is good but is essentially PR.

        • Facebook =bye bye TRF

    • I think you’ll find a lot of members dislike facebook, and to say this Trail Riding Talk is a disappointing replacement for the forum would be a massive understatement.

      • I seem to remember there was something very similar on the first TRF website back in 1990-something…
        I for one am just regarding this platform as a temporary substitute, and remain hopeful that, behind the boarded-up windows that is this website an new all-singing, all-dancing FORUM is being developed by our IT experts.
        I expect it will all be revealed before the AGM proper: if not, then some difficult questions are clearly going to have to be asked.

        • We will live in hope then, but why would you replace the forum with something as poor as this before upgrading it with a better product?

          • Hi Tony.

            The team of volunteers behind Trail have already explained that this is work in progress.

            I believe it would be helpful to the team if you were to make some detailed constructive comments on how you feel we should move forward with Trail other than the plans for Trail – as work in progress- that have already been described.

            • I don’t wish to to denigrate the hard work put in by volunteers and I have waited months before criticising it but were we are now with Trail Riding Talk is a considerably worse place than where we were with the old forum so a constructive comment from myself would be to see the old forum reinstated and then improved. Reliance onFacebook is detrimental and divisive

    • Can we have the forum back please? This platform simply is not fit for purpose. I enjoyed using the forum – both adding to and using the pool of information. There is no useful pool of information that I can use here, why would I add info just for it to drop off the front page lost in a sea of random posts. It was the forum that first got me interested in the TRF. Trail would not do that today.

      • HI Kevin- It is a matter of record that the old Forum was detrimental to TRF interests and it is currently difficult to see why the TRF would wish to do this.

        The team of volunteers that look after this area have a plan for change.

        There will be an opportunity for members to put forward their views before the plan is implemented.

        You can expect progress on after the (delayed)

        If you wish to discuss further -please drop an email to, call us or come and chat with us in person at a forthcoming TRF Meeting (local or national)

      • Hi Kevin

        There is a link for feedback here ;


        In terms of the old forum, it is a matter of record that the old TRF forum was not in the interest of Trail riding or the TRF and the old forum has directly lost us influence and access.

        As such it is difficult to see why the TRF would wish to reinstate the old forum as it was.

        We look forward to seeing you at a meeting (national or local) when you can arrange to discuss these issues in person. Alternatively, email or call us from the details on the contact page.

        • Thanks Mario. I added my thoughts to the wish list back in December. Hopefully some progress on the format can be made soon.
          Let me add, I think there is a lot of good going on in the TRF but we are missing a trick not pooling good information in a forum which in its self could be one of the benefits of being a TRF member.

          • Kevin, Thank you for submitting your feedback on the wish list.

            I believe that pooling of information is already the Trail Teams objective.

            Just to manage expectations on timing of change, as you may be aware we are delayed in progress by postponing of our AGM.

            Following this, we will also continue our commitment to formally consult with members before making changes.

            There is a lot of work to be done – by only a few volunteers.

            Furthmore, on this matter, the way forward outside current arrangements is not yet clear.