• Richard Simpson posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Some years ago, my KTM 950 was subject to a compulsory recall which required the fitment of a new rear-brake master cylinder and other components.

    The inspection window in the replacement cylinder has now fallen out, resulting in the loss of the rear brake.

    The windows are not available separately, and the master cylinders are on global back order until the second week of August. I’ve got one on order for £116…for the sake of a glass window the size of a small coin.

    I’m not the only person to have lost a window. It’s a fault which has been reported on ADVrider in the USA.

    So, they replaced one potentially safety-critical faulty component with another safety-critical faulty component, and don’t bother providing any support or back-up. What a change in attitude from KTM, which always had such a good reputation for customer support.

    Think hard before you buy a new KTM.

    • I don’t recall a recall. Had mine from new in 2008 and only sold it in 2016. Unless it was done without me knowing at a service. Assume you mean an SM but presumably the same kit on an SE or ADV.

      • It was the non-ABS 950 Adv. Mine was a 2004…and I think the recall applied to at leas M.Y. 2005.

        The original brake was prone to fade…I would reckon due in part at least to the huge heat generated by the big, enclosed engine and the exhaust catalysers.

        • Ah! I doubt I took more than 0.1mm off my rear brake pads. The rear never assisted with slowing down but the twin discs on the front would almost throw you over the bars – incredible brakes. Really noticing (or not, rather,) the single disc on the Triumph.
          This ‘assembly’ lark is getting silly nowadays. Can you get any from a breakers or is there still too much risk of it happening again?

          • I couldn’t find any used units on-line. I’d stick something over the porthole with epoxy, but there’s an MoT coming up and I suspect the tester might not be too impressed.

            When the replacement arrives, I’m gluing a washer over it as a precaution.

            It’s just so dangerous…KTM has a racing budget of €millions, but clearly now could no longer care less about the safety of their loyal customers.

            You can’t imagine a car maker offering the same level of service. I’m not the only KTM customer to have this problem…and they can’t even SELL me the parts to fix it.

            What happened to KTM’s backup? They used to be so good. It’s bloody dangerous, frankly..

            • It certainly doesn’t seem what it was. Really sad to read. They have always seemed aloof and remote from their customers but do make great bikes. I think everywhere suffers from a cost cutting drive nowadays.
              When I had my Yam WR parts were hard to get and way more expensive than anything I’ve had to buy for my various KTMs but it’s crazy things like this that can ruin a brand image.
              That said BMW are awful with their customer service for cars or bikes, both at dealer and manufacture level.

    • My 2003 950 is still on the original & I get through quite a few rear pads don’t think it’s ever had a recall..a friend had an off & broke his .we made one out of perspex got almost an interference fit & used epoxy & it’s still good three years on