Robert Randall

  • Does anyone have any gpx tracks for Salisbury Plain? On Google maps there looks to be millions of dirt / gravel racks, but I cannot work out which ones you can ride along, open cycle map shows many are for cyclists, but not sure how many of these are open to on and all?

    • Look on council website for the definitive map. It will show unsealed roads and unsurfaced roads that are legal

    • The Signage is also fairly good/helpful around the plain with most byways marked at their ends, getting lost between these markers is more of a problem. Watch out for Red Flags – some of the ROWs are closed when these are displayed.

  • I have found the Berkshire beginners route, has anyone used this – and if so how much is road / trail?

    Also is it possible to get the GPx File, it looks impossible to export out of viewranger and I would like to examine it using Basecamp.

  • I have just joined, from West Oxfordshire, seems to be zero lanes near me, but more interested in larger events around the country where I can ride more interesting terrain rather than along the edge of some field.