Tony Ferrari

  • Dave, OK that is not clear as the publicity implies this is the new TRF website.

    And the FAQs do state:

    “What is this Trail website for?

    This new Trail website is designed to help new members join the TRF…”

    I think that needs revising.

    Her comments about the other site still apply, it is still geared towards existing members or…[Read more]

  • Some constructive feedback from a potential member…..

    My wife has just ordered her first trail bike, so wants to know more.

    Her first comment on the old website was

    “Where does it tell me what the TRF is all about?”

    With my guidance she found what she wanted eventually by clicking on “join” and then “about” so the emphasis was…[Read more]

  • Paul, it’s impossible to make a forum secure as anyone can pay their money and join the TRF, unless we introduce some kind of postive vetting process it’ll never eliminate those who wish to oppose our pastime.