• Tony Lacey posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Calling All East Anglian Trail Riders.
    There is a beautiful trail to the south of Swaffham from the Munford to Brandon road to the Swaffham to Newmarket road the authorities are looking to make this road a restricted byway the reason given being that it is not suitable for motorised vehicles , whilst a 4 wheeled vehicle might struggle it is perfectly accessible and safe for motorbikes , please make an objection to

    • Hi Tony,

      Norfolk TRF have had this matter in hand with the assistance of TRF’s legal team for a number of weeks.

      We are aware of wildly exaggerated, ill-informed and inaccurate reports on social media re this road.

      Far from being under significant threat, all that has happened is that an application has been made by a member of the public to record the established carriageway as a restricted byway. But this is not possible as the carriageway benefits from a NERC exemption – it is recorded on the list of streets.

      Norfolk Council are going through the motions required by statute – they have to investigate the application even where they are aware that the road is an ordinary road.

      In the unlikeley event that Norfolk CC make a decision to downgrade the road to BOAT or RB, the public can then object to the proposed downgrade. But we are a long way off that stage at present – if it ever happens.