• Vincent Austin posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Sounds typical of mce they are the most useless incompetent bunch of clowns I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.. declaring sorn means you are just choosing not to use your bike on the public highway I have several bikes that are sorned at one time or another but they are garaged and insured for fire and theft..I have insured unregistered competition bikes for fire and theft and obviously it would be impossible to tax them…I would kick mce into touch and use a reliable insurer

    • It doesn’t make sense?
      Surely the risk to them has been lowered if the bike isn’t going to leave the garage.
      It would make sense if they said you are only insured for theft from your registered garage.
      It’s my 1st year with MCE. So it’s a bit worrying to hear you’ve had such a bad experience with them.
      To be fair, I was impressed that they replied to my email the next day, even during this crisis.
      But I think this SORN situation is the same across all motor insurance.
      The trouble is with all insurances, guarantees etc is of course, we only really find out what they are like when we need to make a claim.

      • I would ring and question them on this Steve…as you say the bike is sorn you cannot use it so less risk to them…I think you have had a reply from the tea boy.. there are vast amounts of cars and bikes that people only use during the summer and they are all insured for fire and theft and sorned until they are used

        • Hi Vincent,
          I gave them a ring and they have confirmed that the bike has to be taxed. Their insurance policies do not cover SORN bikes!!
          Also, while I was flicking through the docs, I noticed that there wasn’t the usual “theft from garage” clause stating that if a theft occurred from the property between e.g. 22:00 & 06:00 and the policy holder had “stored in garage” payment will be withheld if the bike is stolen from outside the garage but within the property vicinity. I asked for confirmation about this and they said that the bike is only covered for theft if “it is in the garage within the vicinity of the insured property”. I asked if was relaxed during the day for example if I was washing it on the drive at say 3pm and popped indoors to answer the phone. They said that in this scenario if the bike was stolen any claim will be refused. It has to be in the garage with the steering lock enabled at all times.

          • Just checked last year’s policy with Bennetts – a much more practical approach!!
            “must be kept in a locked garage between the hours of 10:00pm and 06:00am at the policy holders address or another address which has been specifically agreed with us.

    • Hello Steve all very good to know for people re insuring the sorn thing is just a get out for them..and uninsured between 22.00-6.00 what use is that like you say shocking! I will keep on avoiding MCE!..😄