• William Brown posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Legality of lanes question. Been told by my local Highways authority that a lane I understand to be a UCR, is an adopted highway (and no mention of any restrictions).Can I take it this means it is totally legit to use ~ (part of it is no wider than a footpath)

    Thanks Will

    • You should be OK as the Council have confirmed it is an adopted road, Some of which are narrow do to lack of vehicle use but they are still a road. If you are interested in ROW then you are best getting in touch with your local groups ROW officer. He will have knowledge of roads and byways in your local area.

      • Edward thanks for this. The lane is not narrow due to lack of use – it has a fence separating it above and from a stream, and I suspect the original route of the kane was the stream itself. The lane in question is bit south of my local groups “home ground” (Manchester group – so our local area is up in the Peak District), I was exploring around Congleton area near where the TET crosses from Wales to the Peaks – and investigated a few lanes that are new to me.