Unsung Hero


TRF conservation of green roads in England and Wales is entirely down to the energy and commitment of it's volunteer members. Everyone who is part of the TRF plays their part, big and small.

A few members go the extra mile. We are proud to honour these individuals with the TRF Unsung Hero Award. Thank you for quietly doing what you do and helping to make sure that trail riding has been a part of the countryside for the last fifty years as well as the next.


2018 TRF Heroes

Ian Abram

Bristol TRF

Ian as arranged and organised, on a yearly basis, the Bristol TRF ‘Santa Cruz’ ( Santas on bikes ) where money has been raised to support the RDA ( Riders for the Disabled Association). This is a very popular event, not only with the riders but also with local people, who are happy and willing to donate. This year’s ‘Santa Cruz’ raised £250 for the RDA.

Mike Mant

Bristol TRF

A long-standing member of Bristol TRF, Mike has consistently arranged and organised trips for all members over the years, keeping the club vibrant and diverse in its operation. Bristol has become an exciting club to be a member of, and it has grown with the times.

Pete Wildsmith

Southern TRF

This award is in recognition for your extraordinary contribution to the TRF. As a founder member of the Southern group, in 1975 you became a group officer holding the posts of secretary, chairman and rights of road for over 25 years. The work done by you and the other founders of the TRF sets an example to us all. On behalf of the members who ride the trails you helped keep open, a massive thank you.

Trevor Brooking

Bristol TRF

Trevor has consistently given discount to all TRF members, ever since he started his Classic Enduro business. In addition, he has always provided advice and helped members out in their times of need. Trevor has also been the driving force behind the Bristol TRF web page and forum. He consistently attracts and enrols new members through the ‘potential new members’ section.

Dick Brew

Teesside & North Yorkshire TRF

‘I nominate Dick because of his dedication and commitment to the TRF. He is committed to our aims of conservation and safety and successfully led the charge on the reopening of Seggimore Lane and organised work parties for lane repairs. Dick is the driving force behind the moors event and is key to our relentless approach to training and safety.’

Leo Crone

Teesside & North Yorkshire TRF

‘Leo is known to everybody in the TRF, Highways, National Parks and the Police! Leo is our RoR guru and freely advises members where to ride. He is currently our local RoR committee member but has held and undertaken just about all of the roles within the Teesdale & North Yorks TRF group. Leo is simply our ‘go to’ guy.’

Marianne Walford

Mid Wales TRF

"Marianne Walford has made an outstanding contribution to trail riding and the TRF for many years. Her work in promoting considerate riding of the trails as well as substantial rights of road work in Wales is legendary and greatly appreciated. Marianne is not only a brilliant ambassador for the TRF but also for motorcycling in general."

2017 TRF Heroes

Andy Howes

Central Bristol TRF

Andy is always keen to welcome new riders into the TRF and has time for even the most nervous of beginners, with a most calm and pleasant manner. He is also very willing to pass on his knowledge of green lanes and will spend time marking maps up for people and sharing his routes.He encourages riders to get out on their own to learn and to lead. He also provides help with planning and leading sections of the annual Bike Tours For The Wounded Byways Tour.

Bevis Billingham

Sussex TRF

We would not have many of the byways in Sussex if it was not for the work that Bevis Billingham did in the 1980s up to the present time. It was people like Bevis who really made a difference during the difficult period we had in the '90s in the struggle with the NERC Act. Bevis spent many thousands of hours working on every aspect of Rights of Way in Sussex.

Darth Speede

Central Bristol TRF

Thank you for using your sharp negotiating skills and time to secure supplier discounts for TRF members.

John Vannuffel

Sussex TRF

John has made a big difference to how the TRF works and has really helped with Rights of Way work over the past few years. Before being involved in national work, he has always done a great job in Sussex – and still does. We are very lucky to have him!

Paul Benjamin

Hertfordshire TRF

For all the work you do organising rides and for being a top bloke!

Paul Lonergan

Hertfordshire TRF

For all the work you do organising rides and for being a top bloke!

Ian J Griffiths

Central Bristol TRF

For the countless hours you have spent building an up to date Forum and Facebook page that is truly fit for the 21st century and for welcoming TRF members from all local clubs into your home and cow shed, for the monthly Spanner Night sessions. Our hero! - CB TRF

Stuart Metcalfe

Lodden Vale TRF

For your contribution in helping to bring ‘Peace for our time’ to the TRF.

John Wedeman

Wiltshire TRF

For learning the necessary skills to produce a modern, high-quality replacement website for the Wiltshire group and always carrying wine gums to share with fellow riders.

Keith Johnston

Wiltshire TRF

For all your hard work as group treasurer and your outstanding dedication organising the Wessex Wanderer events over the years.

Steve and Becky Burbidge

Wiltshire TRF

For your contributions to trail riding, fund-raising and improved relations with our horse-riding friends, not to mention baking some of the best pastries in Andover. A massive thank you for all you do for the TRF; we really appreciate your hard work.

Nicolo Panigada

Central Bristol TRF

For his ‘Spanner Night’ concept. Nicolo has gone to incredible and tireless lengths to make the evenings work and often personally hosts them but there are also guest presentations. The sessions are designed to give members the confidence and training to maintain their bikes at home and repair them out on the trails. It's been a fantastic alternative to the sometimes boring committee meeting scenario... and it's given the club members a great platform to not just talk but also to get down and dirty working on their bikes... making sure they stand a better chance of riding safe and getting home in one piece!

2016 TRF Heroes

Patrick Wallace

Sussex TRF

Patrick plays a significant RoR role in Sussex yet rarely attends meetings and keeps a low profile. Patrick is chair of East Sussex LAF and his years of work with East Sussex County Council have been instrumental in ensuring the local network is well managed. The Council recently imposed 16 seasonal TRO’s, all of which exempt motorcycles. This achievement is largely a result of Patricks work

Colin Webb

Sussex TRF

Colin is the RoR officer for East Sussex and has been a TRF member since 1971. Colin still plays an active part in Sussex RoR matters and his knowledge of local matters is founded on decades of hard work. Colin continues to lead TRF runs and marshals at equestrian events. His input was also instrumental in ensuring seasonal TRO’s affecting East Sussex had an exemption for motorcycles.

Vernon Glashier

Essex TRF

Vernon is playing a significant role ensuring that TRF was prepared to take on Essex CC’s attempts to impose 15 unjustified TRO’s. Vernon’s work in submitting FOI’s, scrutinising the process, and acting as TRF’s local radar has resulted in TRF being able to challenge the TRO from strong foundations.

Steve Stout

Cumbria TRF

Steve Stout has transformed that club on Facebook. He has made it really welcoming and easy to connect with members and does a lot to lead ride outs. 

James Higgs

Wiltshire TRF

As the ROW officer, James works tirelessly behind the scenes, liaising with National TRF as well as local councils and other groups to help keep the trails that we love to ride open. Additionally, he is working closely with the council to work out how the Wiltshire TRF can provide more support in these times of financial constraints such as placing way markers around the trails. This is fundamental work that makes a massive contribution in maintaining access to the network that we all love to ride so much, yet this ROW work is largely unseen by the majority of the members who just want to ride. Well worthy of recognition!

Dave Ingle

Central Bristol TRF

He has tirelessly put the TRF stand up at Weston-super-Mare Bike Night for the past year, no matter what the weather or his personal commitments and with little or no support from us (other TRF members). His stand at the Bike Night is there to promote and spread the word amongst the road biker tribe, to try their skills out on the greener-side. His commitment to the cause is exemplary!

Brian Cohen

Surrey TRF

Brian has worked tirelessly to represent TRF members at numerous Surrey County Council right of way Forums. He seeks to shine a light on official obfuscation with probing enquiries and pointed requests for information; and he went the extra mile to gather information to support the successful TRF legal challenge against Hampshire County Council. Brian regularly updates members at our club night meeting and helps drive home the importance of adhering to TRF Code of Conduct to members new and old. Brian's work helps make sure we continue to have trails to enjoy for years to come.

Derek Vansittart

South London TRF

Over the last few years Derek has organised dozens of events for our members. From our annual Christmas Curry, to creating road books for our Longest Day summer ride, to an Austin Vince inspired navigation event, to trips across the UK and abroad, to leading runs for TRF members from other parts of the country. The list goes on and on. Derek's events have provided members of all abilities with a massive range of opportunities to get together and to get out there exploring trails the length and breadth of the UK. Derek is essence of what our Fellowship is all about.

Simon Loftus

Wiltshire TRF

For the extraordinary time and effort Simon has put in to making the Wiltshire TRF horse events such a success story.

Steve Sharp

South London & Surrey TRF

Steve helped establish Surrey TRF over 25 years ago. Back then it had just 20 members, it has grown now to 260, becoming the third biggest Group in the TRF. Steve has done an amazing amount, including welcoming new members and the Rights of Road work with Surrey County Council. Steve has run our club night ‘formal bit’ for years. He has created a culture which has welcomed members and gets them involved and contributing. Steve is full of advice and support for new members. For years, he has been putting his contact details out there for people to get in touch with him.