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The most important investment you can make in Trail Riding. Join over 9,000 others safeguarding the future of Trail Riding in England and Wales.

Your membership delivers.....

  • A like like-minded community of over 9,000 Trail Riders spread across 40+ local groups.
  • The opportunity to learn through an organisation working on behalf of Trail Riders for over 50 years with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • A network of groups who you can join to experience the amazing array of different riding available throughout England and Wales with thousands of member led rides each year.
  • New places to ride with the Green Road Map
  • Member only events some of which give access to trails not available to the general public.  
  • Lobbying central and local government on behalf of Trail Riders.
  • Legal defence of Trail Riding access on Green Roads.
  • 4 Copies of Trail magazine per year featuring content on a range of topics.
  • Unique skills and training opportunities.
  • Donating resources and funding to authorities to help maintain the Green Road Network.
  • Special member discounts offered by a range of businesses and retailers.

The new Membership Fees paid via Credit or Debit card will be as follows from:

 ** 1st May 2024: Recurring Single: £58.00 PA, Recurring Joint: £87.00 PA  ** Expected date.

Membership Options

Payment via Credit or Debit Card


Renew automatically every 12 months


Renews automatically every 12 months until cancelled


Renew manually by Member every 12 months


Two people at the same address
Two people living at the same address


Renews automatically every 12 months until cancelled


Renew manually by Member every 12 months
One time payment
One time payment



Membership FAQ

How to easily manage your membership of the TRF

The local TRF Groups can be found on the Group Map showing below these FAQ’s.

Yes, annually paid membership is available. Contact the membership team by email They will then arrange for a Direct Debit mandate to be sent to you for completion, or you can provided details over the phone if you request they call you.

No, we are afraid not.  The TRF accepts payment by Credit or Debit card via our chosen payment processor Stripe.  Alternatively you can pay by Direct Debit (see other FAQ question)

The TRF unfortunately does not accept cash or cheques for membership payments.

No, we are afraid not.  Membership is only available on an annual basis.

If the payment you are making is via a mobile device and is not being authorised by your card company in time, try joining via a desktop or laptop and web browser. 

This is often caused as a result of the mobile device being used to verify your identity and payment with your card company takes too long, and the join process “times out”.

Your membership number will be displayed on your “Welcome” emails when you join. It will NOT be displayed on your payment receipts.

This It is not something that can be completed by the member directly. Do not try to re-join with a different membership type as you will end up setting up two subscriptions. Email the membership team with full details to request change of membership type.

This  is not something that can be completed directly by the member. Contact the membership team by email  with your current membership details 

Contact TRF Membership Team with your full membership details and they will arrange a refund.

Email the membership team

With the reason you wish to cancel and they will make arrangements for you.

Send an email to

Please confirm your name, membership number, mobile phone number and the question you would like answered. If your question relates to the Green Road Map (GRM) please see the questions in the GRM FAQ’s, please do not send a question to the TRF Membership Team.

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If you have any further questions about joining the TRF please email