ACU Membership

The ACU (Auto Cycle Union) is the governing body for motorcycle sport in the UK. It is also the foremost organisation from where the TRF was founded.

The TRF are an ACU club allowing TRF members to benefit from the expertise and support of this organisation. An ACU licence may be required for sporting events and competitions that members may choose to enter.

Why do I need an ACU licence?

To enter an Event organised by or in conjunction with the ACU you are likely to need an ACU Licence separate from your TRF membership which is valid for set categories of events. The most relevant to a TRF member is the TRIALS licence which costs currently £20.00 for a year (2023).

You can always buy an individual event licence valid only for the day of the event but as it is a similar cost you may as well get the annual one!

To get the Annual licence the rider must also first be a member of an affiliated club such as one of many local enduro/trials clubs, which would be an additional cost to the rider. Since the TRF are listed (as a non-territorial club) members can choose the TRF as their nominated club thus saving them the additional cost of joining a specific local club. Of course there may be reasons where a TRF member chooses to be a member of a local club and we encourage this local support.

How do I get an ACU licence?

The ACU/Sport 80 have changed their system again for licence renewal and now affiliated motorcycle clubs that don’t use their Sport 80 system to run their club memberships are not showing in the first drop down box of affiliated clubs.

The TRF are affiliated and as a member you don’t need to pay any further membership fee.  You will still need to pay for your licence.

Step 1 click on the highlighted yellow/black box ‘Add Club Membership’, as shown below.

Step 2 Go to this drop down box and select Trail Riders Fellowship

Once you have selected the TRF, I will receive an auto-email asking me to confirm you are a  current member of the TRF, I will approve and the licence process moves on to the next stage….  You will eventually get your licence.

If you still can’t get this to work, then best to contact Kirsty Telford at the ACU directly

You can learn more about ACU licences here 


Good luck!