Green Road Success: Glatting Lane, West Sussex

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September 9, 2017
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September 10, 2017

West Sussex County Council sought to record Glatting Lane as a restricted byway.

This proposed reduction of the public’s rights originated in an agreement made between the Council and the landowner(s) under the Highways Act.

We obtained Counsel’s opinion and conveyed it to both West Sussex County Council and the landowners, which appears to have averted the downgrading of this unsealed road.

Being a chalk hill road, Glatting Lane is both sustainable and engaging, with users needing to pick their way around a water channel for much of its length.

Glatting Lane ascends ‘Left Hanger’ in the Parish of Bignor (Crown copyright).

Motorcycling, adventure and fraternity.


  1. James Walter says:

    Riden it a few times, to be honest more times on road bikes. Then came the time when a make shift barrier was put up by the “owners” having chatted with them they were more concerned with fly tipper and pheasant poachers than trail riders. so trust the lanes remaining open and used by more will reduce the illegal offences being carried out.

    • Jimmy says:

      Wow, that’s brave – it was very slippery when I rode up it last month!

      Fly tipping, poaching and other criminality are not confined to our rights of way network, with remote locations proving popular due to the reduced chance of being caught in the act.

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