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January 12, 2018
Fruits of the Forest
January 30, 2018

Two days of riding England's last wilderness, with exclusive permission to ride Kielder Forest? That would be the Hadrian Adventure Weekend...

Three years ago Northumbria TRF launched the Hadrian Adventure Weekend. Like many TRF groups around the country, the club were keen to help other TRF members explore their region and enjoy some of the most remote landscapes left in England. Over the years the event has steadily found it’s feet and hundreds of riders have travelled north for a taste of riding on the edge of the old Roman Empire.

This year, the club had a special treat in store, Kielder Forest. This huge Forestry Commission area covers 250 square miles and reaches right up to the border of Scotland. Traditionally it’s off limits to trail bikes, the many miles of gravel fire roads are closed to traffic. However, after much negotiation, Northumbria TRF’s events co-ordinator David Myers gained exclusive access for the Hadrian Adventure Weekend. Even better, the team were allowed to use the enduro loops through the forest itself, access normally reserved for motorsport events.

56 riders and a dozen run leaders/tail enders spent two adventurous days riding Northumbria’s rock, ruts, gravel, and of course Kielder’s killer bogs.

"Spot on. Enjoyed last year, Even better this year"

"Josh was brilliant, very open to suggestions and offered alternatives where routes looked to challenging."

"The organisation was first class. Thank you to all who had any involvement with the organisation of the weekend."

Taking a break on Hadrian's Wall, just a few thousand years after the Romans!

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  1. Oliver Wood says:

    I thought this was sold out?

  2. Re: the 4th July Somerset ride.
    It states that a trail type rear is mandatory. What about a hybrid rear such as the Motoz mountain hybrid? Dot approved. Cheers, Steve

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