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April 3, 2018
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April 12, 2018

Yesterday over four hundred motorcyclists and quad riders enjoyed Somerset TRF’s Forest Ride Day, which was once again held within a private forest in the Exmoor area.

The event was the most successful forest day yet, with profits from entry fees and refreshments being sufficient to help maintain several green roads, or fund a high court challenge to remedy any unjust curtailment of public entitlement.

The start of the main loop.

The five-mile forest circuit was slippery to begin with though quickly dried up from use. Several trickier loops (and a formidable hill climb) from the main circuit signed ‘moderate’, ‘severe’ and ‘extreme’ provided a technical challenge for riders wishing to practice their slow-speed trials and enduro skills.

This hill was particularly slippery...


...which caused a queue.

Riders were required to fit a trials-pattern rear tyre to ensure the surface of the woodland trails were not irreversibly damaged by motorcycle use. We left the woodland trails ‘fluffy’ for all our use, with a surface not unlike that of horse gallops.

This was only a ‘severe’ section!

In spite of an early surge of testosterone, the event passed without incident, with only four minor injuries being reported to the on-site medical team who (thankfully!) joined us in proclaiming the event a success.

Trials pattern rear tyres ensured negligible soil erosion.

The event would not have happened without the hard work of Somerset TRF Chairman Martin Keswick and his team of dedicated volunteers.

One of the many hills.


A good view at every rest stop!


Five miles of fun.

Get involved:

Members wishing to organise their own event are encouraged to discuss their idea with our Chairman, Mario Costa-Sa.

Members wishing to apply for a conservation grant to repair a damaged, obstructed or neglected green road may do so via this webform.
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