The TRF has released its Stonehenge skeleton argument

It’s not just a gate
October 29, 2018
Clearer Vision in Hampshire
December 8, 2018
Stonehenge 03-01
Public access to view Stonehenge is being monopolised. As part of this process the public have been prohibited from driving and motorcycling on the minor roads which facilitate free and convenient viewing of the Stones.

The Trail Riders Fellowship is challenging the ban in the High Court.

Today we released our skeleton argument for public review.


  1. Point 7. A length public inquiry followed ? Lengthy !

    Looks good to me.

  2. If you dont already have this argument up your sleeves ?? – Statement of WC reason para 8 illogical: “With the expected changes to the A303 through the A303/A358 Corridor Improvements it is considered very likely that the levels of motorised vehicles using the byways within the WHS will continue to increase”. The main reason that MPVs can access the WHS on these byways is because of access from A303. The improvements will result in no direct access from A303 which will in itself prevent the majority of the MPV traffic in the WHS which is opportunistic – except trail riders and 4x4s.

  3. Dick Brew says:

    That should rattle them!

    Well done to all involved so far.

  4. Mark Holland says:

    Pressed the wrong key and lost my post.
    Very long – hope someone reads it.
    Times New Roman was proven to switch people off.
    People at Stonehenge won’t worry about MPVs etc on distant BOATS.
    Many BOAT users only get distant view of stones. I went there as part of endurance horse event – marking/checking by motorcycle.
    Surely LAF should have considered – hardly a rush.
    Simply ETRO done by ‘back door’ under pressure from English Heritage (allegedly), who don’t understand the TRO process.

  5. The argument against the ETRO looks very comprehensive. Well done.

  6. The doc from the solicitors refers throughout to ‘Wiltshire County Council’ …a body that no longer exists.

    In 2009 WCC was merged with other local government bodies in the area and became a Unitary Council. Its proper legal title is Wiltshire Council.

    I hope this basic error won’t ruin the TRF case.

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