TRF AGM 2019

The ABR Festival 2020
March 6, 2019
TRF and The ABR Festival 2020
October 28, 2019


  1. Mark Holland says:

    Not very exciting – 2.5 hours to do 4 votes. That’s it.
    Will all subjects of the votes be present?
    Will they be able to answer any questions?

  2. Andrew Byatt says:

    Just to clarify timings. Registration for the AGM starts @ 18:00 and it is expected to commence at 18:30. It is anticipated it will finish by 19:30 following WTRF presentations of cheques to the supported charities and the TRF Raffle & WW prize Draw.

    For those who have booked the BBQ including all Wessex Wanderer Participants, that will commence @ 19:30. The Cash Sale bar for refreshments will be open following the AGM until 22:00. The site must be vacated by 22:30 latest for all those not staying at the campsite.

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