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November 4, 2020
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TRF AGM 2021 and Trailriding Fun Weekend

The TRF Annual General Meeting 2021 will be held on the 17th July 2021 alongside a Trailriding Fun weekend from Friday 16th July to Sunday 18th July. Hosted by Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy at their riding venue in Westfield, East Sussex.

TRF did not hold an AGM during 2020 due to lockdown restrictions. Legislation has changed this year and we are allowed to hold the AGM outdoors. TRF must hold an AGM in order to appoint directors, satisfy legal obligations to hold an AGM, and to ensure the TRF can function effectively and continue to provide voluntary services.

The AGM is necessary and urgently required to deal with the business of appointing directors and altering the company articles. TRF usually operates with 7-9 directors and only has 4 at present. Changes are urgently required to the company articles to enable TRF to operate more efficiently and effectively.

TRF will also take the opportunity of the AGM to award Honorary Memberships, the highest honour the TRF can bestow on a member. The decision to make such awards can only be taken at a general meeting.

The AGM will commence at 11:00am on Saturday 17th July and is scheduled to take 1 hour

What is an AGM like?

TRF’s AGM’s typically last an hour or less. They are fairly dry affairs of corporate housekeeping that are conducted to formalise decisions that have either already been subject of member-wide consultation and engagement or are simple and uncontentious. The main aim of this AGM is to facilitate TRF business gearing up as we emerge from lockdown and in particular to put measures in place to facilitate another AGM later this year.

Directors reports and the accounts are circulated ahead of the AGM, and there is an opportunity for those attending the AGM to ask questions. Likewise, those not attending the AGM can also ask directors questions about the reports, accounts, or any other matter.

The AGM must deal with the business set out in the AGM notice. No other business can be included on the day. Voting is by way of a show of hands and there is also the option for those not attending the AGM to vote by proxy.

The AGM is open to all TRF members to attend. We may ask you for proof of identity as a condition of attendance or participation. We reserve the right to refuse entry to persons who cannot provide photo ID or refuse to do so.

What is Proxy voting?

Proxy voting allows every member to appoint another member (typically the chair of the meeting) and direct them how to vote. Essentially it is a form of online voting conducted by emailing TRF a completed form in advance of the meeting.

The location of the AGM

TRF intends to hold two AGM’s this year, the forthcoming one in East Sussex and another AGM in late Autumn to be held at a Northerly location. TRF recognises that always holding AGM’s in a central location was unfair to many members for whom a central location was not reasonably accessible or convenient.

In recent year the locations of the AGMs have been held across England and Wales, with a view to being more inclusive and ensuring better opportunities for attendance and engagement.

A minimum of 75 members are needed to attend an AGM in person to ensure it is quorate. It has not always been possible to secure those numbers when holding the AGM at a central or northern location. With a view to making it more practicable to hold AGM’s in central and northerly locations, it is proposed to reduce the quorum from 75 to 40 as part of plans to hold the AGM in a northerly location later this year.

The South East has been chronically neglected by TRF for at least a decade. No TRF National Conferences, TRF workshops, AGM’s or TRF riding events have been held in the South East for over ten years. In contrast, every other region of England and Wales has enjoyed at least one AGM or TRF National Conference in the last five years.

The Address for the AGM is Desert Rose Racing Cottage Lane, Westfield, East Sussex TN35 4RR


The AGM will be held outside, in full accordance with coronavirus legislation and required precautions. Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy have held several events, are familiar with the legal requirements, and are licensed by the Local Authority. A marquee with open sides will be provided together with socially distanced seating.

Trailriding Fun Weekend

The fun weekend activities are only available to TRF members, who can enjoy them for FREE IF THEY ATTEND THE AGM. For those TRF members who wish to enjoy the activities but not attend the AGM, a charge of £75 applies for any of the on-site activities, including camping.

Think of it as being like Glastonbury Festival but without the music or running water. Recommended preparation is to watch a few seasons of Bear Grylls or Naked and Afraid. BBQ’s are allowed. No food or drink is provided.

Camping is available from the afternoon of Friday 16th July until Sunday 18th July. Facilities are basic. There are toilets but no showers.

Schedule for the weekend

Camping available Friday 16th July

AGM 11:00-12:00 Saturday 17th July

Trailriding on closed course 12:00 – 16:00 Saturday 17th July

Beta bikes available for try out rides at discounted fee.

Training available at discounted fee.

Trailriding opportunities on Sunday 18th July.

Location & Venue

Patsy’s practice ground is located in Westfield near Hastings, East Sussex. The venue offers 6 miles plus of practice route that covers a variety of terrain and is suitable for all rider abilities. It is ideal for those wishing to improve their trailriding skills or to simply enjoy riding a trailbike in the beautiful countryside of the Sussex Weald.

For those wishing to trailride outside of the venue, the Kent and East Sussex green road networks are c.20mins away by tarmac. Alternatively, there are a handful of green roads in and around Hastings that can be enjoyed on route to the Hastings seafront or the Old Town with its shellfish bars and fish and chips.

Trailriding tips and requirements for venue/local green road network.

There are riding opportunities to cater for all types of trailbike and rider ability, including vintage bikes and novice riders. Quadbikes are welcome. Bring plenty of water as there is no running water on site.

The local networks have very varied terrain, from the chalky lanes of the South Downs, through forest roads, and the clay of Pevensey Marshes, to sandstone rocky climbs. The majority of roads are well maintained with hard metalled surfaces.

The closed course is a mix of MX track, single and double track through woods and pasture, and man made features/sections. There are options suitable for all types of trailbike and ability.

Strict noise restrictions apply. Trailbikes must be fitted with either an OEM silencer or an aftermarket silencer that has the required “E” mark or equivalent international marking. Aftermarket silencers that are not marked as required or that are marked not for road use or appear to have had such marking removed will not be permitted.

Bikes must be insured, taxed and MOT’d as required by law for road use.

Road legal tyres must be fitted.

The use of mousses is not prohibited. But bikes used for road use must be fitted with road legal pneumatic tyres.

On behalf of the TRF Board of Directors

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