The TRF run a 'Match Fund' scheme to help regional groups increase the impact of their conservation projects. Any TRF member can apply. Why not give it a go?

What is Match Funding?

Match Funding (MF) is the TRF scheme where central TRF will match monies raised by members for qualifying projects and schemes. The qualifying criteria, together with the process for MF is documented in this section.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that any MF payments are assessed and distributed in a fair, proper and open manner for all members in accordance with the TRF Byelaws. MF is administrated by the TRF Conservation Director on behalf of the Board of Directors. No assumption on any request being approved or action taken should be made until it has been formally approved by the Conservation Director

How are Match Funding Projects Identified?

A project qualifying for match funding is one that can be demonstrated as providing strategic benefit, and deliver improvements that allow sustainable use of the road. Any member of the TRF can identify a project and complete an application for MF.

How do I apply for Match Funding?

In order to complete a MF application, simply fill out the application form on this page.

What happens after I have applied?

The Conservation Director will log the MF application and write back to the applicant to acknowledge receipt within a reasonable timeframe.

How are applications evaluated?

The Conservation Director will evaluate the application. In order for the request to be approved, the Conservation Director must be satisfied that the award of MF is appropriate, demonstrates a benefit and delivers improvements for the sustained use of the road. Once satisfied that the application is valid and suitable for approval, a budget check will be made with the Finance Director. The Conservation Director will communicate the decision to the applicant together with any considerations within a reasonable timeframe.

What if I want to appeal?

If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision taken, then they can request an appeal by writing to the TRF Board of Directors using the email address

Where does the money come from?

The TRF has a budget for MF. The Finance Director will confirm the affordability of the proposed scheme taking into account the value of MF contribution and timing of payment.

How will the funding be recorded?

The approved MF request details will be recorded along with any noted considerations or conditions for award.

How will we receive payment?

The Finance Director will arrange for payment of the MF payment in accordance with the approved funding.

Who leads the project?

The Project Lead shall coordinate the works in accordance with the approved Project Description.

How is the project recorded?

The Project Lead will gather information and evidence of the project works undertaken. This evidence could be used to develop case studies, member updates, and market the success of the TRF demonstrating our contribution to society.

Is the project publicised?

Where appropriate and useful to the aims and objectives of the TRF, the project might be publicised both internally and externally.

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