Spring 2019 - Prize draw at the TRF AGM 11th May 2019


Terms and Conditions of Raffle 

  • The TRF Raffle is open to TRF members and non-members.
  • Tickets are distributed by post to TRF members in England & Wales via TRF Trail magazine
  • Tickets are also available at shows and events attended by the TRF, and by online form www.trf.org.uk/raffle.
  • Trail Riders Fellowship is the Promoter of the Raffle.  Postal and Online Entry administration services may be provided by VMCC Ltd for remote sales.
  • Tickets sold at a TRF Event will be administered by the TRF.
  • Entry to the draw is not available to persons under sixteen years of age, nor to staff of the VMCC Ltd.
  • TRF Directors directly involved in the Raffle must donate any prize won by themselves back to the TRF. This will include the TRF Membership, TRF Marketing & TRF Finance Director.
  • All tickets cost £2 and the maximum number of tickets which can be purchased directly by one individual is 100. Should the sales value of the total number of tickets sold be less than £5000, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the first prize for a cash payment of no less than 75% of the total amount of payments received from ticket sales.
  • All tickets for which we have received payment are entered into the draw, which takes place on the date advertised, at the TRF AGM to be held on Saturday 11th May in Calne, Wiltshire, hosted by Wilts TRF.
  • The draw will take place in the presence of the TRF Chair, at least one other TRF Director and an independent Group Officer of Wilts TRF.
  • Trail Riders Fellowship promotes responsible gambling and makes a donation from the raffle to Gamble Aware who provide education research and treatment for problem gambling. https://about.gambleaware.org/
  • Complaints and disputes can be raised at directors@trf.org.uk